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Compare Low Cost Health Insurance Plans and Rates

No matter if you have an ambulance ride to the emergency room, or a chronic illness, medical bills can be financially devastating. Health insurance makes medical costs more affordable. helps you find an affordable health plan that gives you and your family the benefits you need.

We Compete With State Exchanges

The health insurance exchanges opened for business on October 1, 2013. A health insurance exchange is a government-run marketplace where people can buy health insurance that has 10 essential benefits, including prescription and maternity coverage.

We compete with state exchanges to make sure you get the best possible price on the health insurance plan of your choice. We work with hundreds of agents and health insurance companies who compete for your business and save you money.

Types of Coverage

It's important to compare different types of coverage before focusing on the cost of the premium. Every insurance company offers different premium costs as well as what they do and don't cover in terms of standard healthcare bills. As a result, it's better to become familiar with managed health plans, HMO, PPO and health spending accounts first.

Managed health plans put the ultimate decision for coverage in the hands of the insurance company. They must approve all forms of healthcare prior to it happening. This keeps costs low, though it can be difficult to get the needed coverage.

Other forms of healthcare put the decision in the hands of the doctor. An HMO requires a person to choose a primary care physician. All visits to specialists must be granted through a referral system from the doctor. As a result of needing referrals, it is a way to get low cost health insurance.

A PPO and health spending account typically put the healthcare in the hands of the patient. The PPO doesn't require any referrals and everything is based on co-payments that have already been established. The health spending account also doesn't require referrals but there is only a limited amount of money in the spending account, which means policyholders need to consider their options and limits before making unnecessary appointments.

It often becomes necessary to make comparisons. Start by comparing the different types of insurance with one company to see which standard bills are covered as well as which insurance type is the most affordable. Upon deciding which type of insurance is desired, it then makes it easier to go in pursuit of the lowest premium cost of all the companies.

Many insurance companies are out there. Some operate on a state level, others regional or national levels. When shopping for insurance premiums, it is advantageous to get rate quotes from each of these types of companies. This ensures that the state laws have been taken into consideration as well as the average healthcare costs of the state. Depending on the state, a national company can be better or worse in terms of costs.

Online rate quotes, comparing those rates and knowing about the different options in terms of healthcare will make it easier to secure the low cost health insurance. Covering the standard bills should be the goal of everyone.